1. My email is down

This can be a number of things.

  1. First of all check you have an internet connection by opening a browser window and searching something in Google.
  2. Try closing your email program and rebooting the machine.
  3. Try opening your website - if that is not coming up either it could mean that your IP address has been blocked by the Caboodle Web hosting server (this can happen when too many wrong login attempts have been made either via email or your Admin panel).
  4. The quickest way to fix this is (if possible) turn your Router off for about 10 seconds, then back on again. In most cases this will assign you a new IP address and you will no longer be blocked by the server.
  5. If this doesn't work Submit a Ticket on this site and we will investigate further for you.
  6. If its super urgent you can try viewing your WEBMAIL account at this link http://webmail.caboodleweb.com then enter your full email address as the username and your password (if you can remember it).

2. Bandwidth Limit Reached

This will be displayed if your website traffic has reached what is allowed within your current plan. Submit a support ticket and we will raise the limit for you.